Concussion Treatment

Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy uses science-based concussion treatment designed to get you back to feeling like yourself again.

Concussion Treatment provide relief

What is Concussion Rehabilitation Therapy (CRT)?

CRT is a form of physiotherapy used for concussion treatment at all stages, from acute to Post-Concussion Syndrome.

CRT is safe and effective, and doesn’t involve medication. The type and number of treatments are customized to the needs of the person & their condition. It has the following components:

There are two phases to our CRT program:


Phase I – For recent symptoms (i.e. Acute Concussions)

Concussion Treatment - Phase 1

Goal: To relieve symptoms and restore the brain to a more balanced

1. Education

Concussion Treatment - Education

How and when to come out of rest, energy management, etc.

2. Neck Therapy

Concussion Treatment - Neck Therapy

To reduce neck pain and improve your neck’s range, strength and stability.

3. Balance Training

Concussion Treatment - Balance Training

To improve your balance, whether you are standing still or moving.

4. Desensitization Therapies

Concussion Treatment - Sound Desensitization

To manage early light and/or sound sensitivity (e.g. Filtered earplugs).

5. Symptom Relief

Concussion Treatment - Symptom Relief

For headaches, dizziness and nausea (e.g. Acupuncture).

6. Return to Activity

Concussion Treatment - Return to Activity

If the concussion is short-lived, a gradual return to work, school & sport activities.

Phase II – For persistent symptoms (e.g. Post-Concussion

Concussion Treatment- Phase II

Goal: To assist the brain’s recovery through a process called neuroplasticity.

1. Sub-threshold Cardio Exercises

Concusion Treatment - Sub-threshold Cardio Exercises

To enhance healing by giving your brain added oxygen & nutrients.

2. Vision Training

Concussion Treatment - Vision Training

To restore your ability to move, focus and converge your eyes.

3. Vestibular Therapy

Concussion Treatment - Vestibular Therapy

To overcome vertigo, dizziness & motion sensitivity.

4. Cognitive Training

Concussion Treatment - Cognitive Training

To overcome difficulties with memory, multitasking, etc.

5. Work & School Reconditioning

Concussion Treatment - Work Conditioning

To prepare you with work or study conditioning exercises.

6. Sports Reconditioning

Concussion Treatment - Sports Reconditioning

To prepare you to return to your activities with sport-specific drills, etc.

7. Return to Activity

Concussion Treatment - Return to Activity

When you are ready, a gradual return to your work, school & sport activities.

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This information is not provided to self-diagnose. It is therefore very IMPORTANT that you also consult your doctor.